Right Choice

Viewed from any perspective–product quality, return on investment or speed of delivery to High Performance features and savings on operating and maintenance costs–PreFast’s® permanent, DSA Pre-Approved, Plantcrafted Buildings® are the right choice for California School Districts.

Undisputed Leader PreFast® has a total of 500,000 square feet of Pre-Approved Division of the State Architect (DSA) High Performance Plantcrafted School Buildings® in service here in California. No one else comes close.
Superior Team The PreFast® team is with you before, during and long after your Plantcrafted Building® is installed and operating. Virtually all the PreFast staff who work with you to develop and execute your Plantcrafted Building® installation are degreed architects and engineers. We really “get” the California school facilities world and diligently apply our skill and knowledge every day in service to our customers.
Legendary Service PreFast® consistently achieves legendary customer satisfaction for our Plantcrafted Buildings® and installations. But don’t take our word for it, click on "What People Say About PreFast" to hear our customers tell you about it themselves!
High Quality Prefabricated in-plant from precast concrete and structural steel, PreFast® Plantcrafted Buildings® are the most robust, longest service life, manufactured school facilities available in the California market today.
High Performance The high performance features you want for your school building are not costly “extras,” but are standard in every PreFast® Plantcrafted Building®.
21st Century Learning Environment Every PreFast® classroom delivers exceptional acoustic performance, uplifting daylight and superior air quality, features that have a documented track record of supporting improved student performance.
Fast Delivery The Plantcrafted Buildings® we install for you will last for generations—but your board, your staff, your students and your parents won’t have to wait a generation for them to arrive. From planning to installation, your new, permanent school buildings can be ready to receive students within as few as 11 months.
Created to Last With a projected 100-year service life, your PreFast® Plantcrafted Building® will be entering middle age just as your school bond which financed its purchase is being retired.
Safe PreFast® offers the only prefabricated school building that is DSA Pre-Approved for all seismic force levels within the State of California.
Reduced Risk Your Plantcrafted Building® will be completed on time and perform exactly as promised. You won’t have to worry about added costs along the way with PreFast’s “no change order” guarantee.
Low Operating Cost Once your new Plantcrafted Building® in installed, you’ll be rewarded with low operating costs, from reduced energy consumption to ease of maintenance.
Eligible for Incentives PreFast® Plantcrafted Buildings® are eligible for Public Utilities Commission Savings by Design incentives, further reducing the cost of initial acquisition.
Long-Term Value Over its projected 100-year life cycle, your PreFast Plantcrafted School Building has the lowest total cost of ownership when compared to traditional standard stick-framed or modular building options.

Give your board, your teachers, your parents and your community the satisfaction of seeing their dream of a superior environment for their children’s education become a reality; quickly, economically and without compromise. To learn how, Contact Us today!