DSA PC Pre-Approved Two Story Buildings

DSA PC Pre-Approved Two Story Buildings

Two Story Buildings Overview

PreFast®’ offers DSA PC Pre-Approved Two Story Plantcrafted Buildings® in sizes from 8 through 24 classrooms to fit virtually any campus requirement. Our buildings offer unmatched interior customization (including incorporation of most Customer material and equipment standards) to respond to a wide variety of instructional requirements.

PreFast’s® Two Story Plantcrafted Buildings® are available in five DSA PC Pre-Approved Building Styles.  Click on “Building Styles” in the navigation line above to view our Classic, Metro, Parkway, El Camino and San Joaquin Building Styles.

“The PreFast Building has embodied the spirit of what we're doing in the classrooms. All of our test scores have been driven higher, and a big reason why is that the new facility makes it more comfortable for students to learn, easier for teachers to do their jobs.”