Physical Science Lab

Physical Science Lab
  • 0 Plastic laminate counter tops.
  • 1 Eight stainless steel sinks supplied with hot and cold industrial water
    and chemical resistant waste drain system.
  • 2 A shared teacher preparation and storage room is provided
    between each pair of physical science labs.
  • 3 Upper wall cabinets with sliding glass.
  • 4 Compressed air and deionized water are piped
    to the teacher demonstration table.

Physical Science Laboratories

PreFast's® STEAM Plantcrafted Buildings incorporate either two or four Physical Science Laboratories containing many of the same exceptional features as the Wet Chemistry Laboratories, the main difference being that they are not engineered to accommodate the use of hazardous chemicals and gases.

A teacher demonstration station sits at the front of the room and exceptional acoustics make it easy for the teacher to communicate with students throughout the room. Outstanding air quality helps create an engaging, focused learning environment. 

“I had no idea how wonderful it would be.”

Board of Trustees Member