Lab Storage/Prep Room

Lab Storage/Prep Room
  • 0 Extensive secure storage for valuable
    equipment such as microscopes, testing
    equipment and instructional supplies.
  • 1 Wall mounted data and power outlets.
  • 2 Secure, vented storage for hazardous chemicals.
  • 3 Large observation/demonstration
    windows into adjacent labs.
  • 4 Industrial deionized water production system.
  • 5 Extensive countertop
    preparation area.
  • 6 Additional storage and prep area.

Laboratory Storage/Prep Rooms

To further facilitate instruction, PreFast’s® STEAM Plantcrafted Buildings® include shared teacher observation, preparation and storage rooms between each pair of wet chemistry and physical science laboratories.

These storage/prep rooms house additional science equipment storage cabinets with counters and separate lockable steel cabinets for safe and secure storage of chemicals and valuable equipment.

The storage and prep feature large demonstration windows into each adjacent laboratory, which make it possible for teachers to demonstrate an experiment behind glass, or to supervise students while they are preparing a lesson.

"I can't overemphasize how important the storage spaces are. Teachers can collaborate in there, they can share, or get in easily to access chemicals or lab materials. It makes a huge difference - we were doing that out of separate closets in other buildings, and it was just not conducive to what we had to do."