Our Game-Changing Approach

High Performance Learning Environments

Students and teachers thrive in PreFast® classrooms, because every Plantcrafted Building® provides a High Performance learning environment incorporating features that are proven to improve student performance. Astounding acoustics, abundant daylight, outstanding air quality and 21st century technology provide enviable support for administrators, teachers and students pursuing higher levels of student achievement. 


PreFast believes that acoustic performance is the core contribution of school facilities to student achievement. Collectively, Background Noise Level (BNL, the level of airborne noise within the classroom), Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC, the amount of noise entering the classroom from outside the classroom) and Reverberation Rate (the amount that noise within the classroom, including human speech,“echos”) are the quantitative measure of a classroom’s acoustic performance.

PreFast classrooms meet or exceed all of the BNL, STC and Reverberation Rate requirements of both HPIG and CHPS Verified (new construction) as confirmed by exhaustive in-situ acoustic testing by the renowned acoustic engineering firm of Charles Salter and Associates. PreFast classrooms offer stunningly quiet teaching and learning environments.

PreFast classrooms have the highest ratio of exterior window square footage to classroom wall square footage of any DSA Pre-Approved multi-classroom school building product available in the marketplace, enabling teachers and students to enjoy a remarkable amount of uplifting natural light.

The PreFast learning environment supports improved student performance and leads to fewer student and teacher absences due to asthma and allergy incidents.Our Plantcrafted Buildings are served by a roof-mounted, ultra high-efficiency air conditioning (HVAC) system that incorporates MERV 13 air filtering and ultraviolet germicidal air disinfection. These features work actively to reduce air borne contaminants in the classroom, a common source of asthma and allergies. The HVAC system supplies classroom temperatures conforming to the ANSI/ASHRE 55, “Thermal Comfort Conditions for Human Occupancy” Standard. As a result, students and teachers will be comfortable in the classroom regardless of where the building is installed in California.

PreFast® Plantcrafted Buildings® also include the technology infrastructure you need for 21st Century instruction. In addition to standard power and data service points for local computers, smart boards, projectors, internal networks, external networks and internet connectivity, our buildings are regularly (and easily) custom configured to support your technology standards and future needs

The real “proof of concept,” for our High Performance Learning Environments however, is the fact that student API test scores have improved significantly on ALL campuses that have chosen PreFast®. (We’d be glad to provide details on request.)