High Performance

The term “High Performance” encompasses total school building performance, including 21st Century learning environment, service life, “green” features and total life cycle cost.

For PreFast®, creating High Performance permanent Plantcrafted Buildings® is our passion.  Achieving High Performance requires thoughtful optimization of initial cost, 21st century learning environment, environmental responsibility, life cycle operating cost and projected 100 year service life.

Customers choosing our High Performance Plantcrafted Buildings® should expect a Return On their High Performance Investment or “ROHPI”.  Click on the icons below to learn why our Plantcrafted Buildings® lead the market in ROHPI:

High Performance Features

Abundant Daylight

PreFast® offers the highest ratio of exterior window square footage to classroom wall square footage of any DSA Pre-Approved multi-classroom prefabricated school building in California. (close)

Exceptional Acoustics

PreFast® classrooms meet or exceed the Background Noise Level, Sound Transmission Coefficient and Reverberation Rate requirements of CHPS Verified (new construction). (close)

Superior Air Quality

PreFast® Plantcrafted Buildings® utilize ultra high-efficiency air conditioning systems incorporating MERV 13 air filtering and ozone air purification to reduce airborne contaminants in the classroom, common sources of asthma and allergies. (close)

Energy Efficient

PreFast® Plantcrafted Buildings® consume 50% less energy than single-story code minimum portable classrooms, while maintaining ASHRE temperature standards for student and teacher comfort. (close)

Robust Materials

PreFast® utilizes robust structural concrete and structural steel for the prefabrication of our school buildings. (close)

Long Term Flexibility

PreFast® Plantcrafted Buildings® offer unmatched interior customization during initial installation and throughout their projected 100-year service life. (close)

21st Century Learning Environment

PreFast® Plantcrafted School Buildings® include the technology infrastructure needed for 21st Century classroom instruction, including power and data service points for local computers, smart boards, projectors and network and internet connectivity. (close)

Highly Optimized Classrooms

Rigorous feature analysis, exhaustive attention to detail and our commitment to the collection and incorporation of customer feedback form the core of our product development and continuous improvement process. (close)

High Performance Benefits (ROHPI)

Responsible First Cost

PreFast® Plantcrafted School Buildings® are supplied and installed at significantly lower cost than comparatively-sized, custom-designed, "stick-builts" high performance buildings. (close)

Lower Life Cycle Cost

Lower energy consumption, robust materials and minimized maintenance demands result in lower life cycle operating costs for PreFast's® prefabricated school buildings. (close)

Improved Student Performance

Student API test scores have increased at every campus where PreFast® High Performance Plantcrafted Buildings® have been installed. (close)

Long Service Life

Robust materials, exhaustive attention to detail and thoughtful incorporation of product features drive the projected 100-year service of our prefabricated school buildings. (close)