Technology Classroom

Technology Classroom
  • 0 Extensive floor-mounted data and power outlets.
  • 1 "Black-out" window shades.
  • 2 Interactive white board and perimeter white/tack boards.
  • 3 Extensive wall-mounted data and power outlets.
  • 4 Ceiling mounted projector with internet connectivity.

Technology Classroom

Increasing student awareness of and participation in STEM education programs are vital state and national objectives. PreFast's® high-performance learning environment can play a significant role in enhancing student attention and interest.

The PreFast technology classrooms include features that support the emerging high-tech demands of the 21st Century learning environment.

These features include extensive floor and ceiling mounted power and data outlets, ceiling mounted projector, interactive white board and perimeter white/tack boards that promote collaborative learning.

“The PreFast Building has embodied the spirit of what we're doing in the classrooms. All of our test scores have been driven higher, and a big reason why is that the new facility makes it more comfortable for students to learn, easier for teachers to do their jobs.”